Day 21

There is freedom in becoming very good at what we do. Say goodbye to those bad habits. Whoever said all goodbyes were sad was wrong! You have just unleashed a new and improved version of you!


30 minutes before breakfast

MNS® (color pack)




30 minutes before lunch

MNS® (color pack)
Carb-Ease® Plus (one-time daily)


MNS® (both white packs)
Protein + Veggies + Complex Carb

30 minutes before snack

AdvoCare Spark®



Immediately before dinner

Carb-Ease® Plus (one-time daily)


Protein + Veggies + Complex
Carb (if needed)





Stair-step your goals. Having just one big goal may be simple, but can be more frustrating to reach. Try adding a few small goals along the way. Small accomplishments will make the whole experience more rewarding.

Snack ideas

How about an open-faced turkey sandwich? Toast 1 slice of 100% whole-wheat bread and spread with 1 teaspoon of honey mustard. Top with 2 slices of sliced turkey.

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Before/After Picture Guidelines

  1. It is important to tastefully show your body in your before and after pictures. For women, we recommend the following outfit: form-fitting tank top or sports bra with form-fitting shorts. For men, we recommend the following outfit: form-fitting tank top or no shirt and form-fitting shorts. Plain, solid colored clothing works best.
  2. Take your photos against a plain/white background.
  3. Include your whole body from head to toe.
  4. You want to make sure you are centered in the picture and the camera is at eye level.
  5. Make sure the room is well-lit and use a flash to avoid shadows.
  6. Take your after photos in the same location as your before photos if possible. Use a measuring tape to mark the distance away from the camera so both shots are identical.
  7. We recommend taking a variety of photographs:
    • - Facing forward with your arms at your sides
    • - Facing forward with your arms flexed
    • - Facing to the side
    • - Facing backwards with your arms at your sides
    • - Facing backwards with your arms flexed
  8. Don't suck your stomach in, push your stomach out, or slouch in your before photo then stand up straight in your after photo—there's nothing that discredits a transformation like a picture where it's obvious you are trying to change your appearance.