CU24 Overview

Can You 24 DVDs Level 1
Level 1 The original Can You 24 DVD features seven workouts as part of the Total Body Fitness System. This two-disc set is the perfect companion to the 24-Day Challenge®. With no equipment required, you can customize your workout level to beginner, intermediate or advanced with the ColorTrack tool. The AdvoCare Workout Series is led by AdvoCare Independent Distributors and designed to help real people get real results. Get the ultimate AdvoCare fitness edge.
- 24 minutes is all it takes
- A 2-disc set that requires no equipment
- The ColorTrack tool customizes your workout level from beginner to advanced.
Can You 24 DVDs Level 2
Level 2 It's time to take your workouts to the next level with the continuation in the AdvoCare Workout Series, CU24™ Level 2. AdvoCare Independent Distributors lead 12 workouts that utilize fitness equipment to help you melt, shred and sculpt your way to the body you've always wanted.
- 4-disc set that includes 12 workouts led by AdvoCare Independent Distributors
- Pull-out Workout Calendar
- Getting Started Guide.


Jenny Donnelly
CU24™ Level 1 & 2
Mia Finnegan
CU24™ Level 1 & 2
Nick Frade
CU24™ Level 2
Jennifer Detracy
CU24™ Level 2
Johnny 'Jay Lo' Loper
CU24™ Level 2
Jodi Townsend
CU24™ Level 1 & 2
Jodi Mamula
CU24™ Level 1 & 2
Ja'Warren Hooker
CU24™ Level 2

Tools & Resources

Level 1 Promotional Flier
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Level 1 Fitness Tracker
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Level 2 Workout Calendar
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Level 2 Getting Started Guide
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Level 1 & 2 Measurement Guide
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Before/After Picture Guidelines
  • It is important to tastefully show your body in your before and after pictures. For women, we recommend the following outfit: form-fitting tank top or sports bra with form-fitting shorts. For men, we recommend the following outfit: form-fitting tank top or no shirt and form-fitting shorts. Plain, solid colored clothing works best.
  • Take your photos against a plain/white background.
  • Include your whole body from head to toe.
  • You want to make sure you are centered in the picture and the camera is at eye level.
  • Make sure the room is well-lit and use a flash to avoid shadows.
  • Take your after photos in the same location as your before photos if possible. Use a measuring tape to mark the distance away from the camera so both shots are identical.
  • We recommend taking a variety of photographs:
      • - Facing forward with your arms at your sides
      • - Facing forward with your arms flexed
      • - Facing to the side
      • - Facing backwards with your arms at your sides
      • - Facing backwards with your arms flexed
  • Don't suck your stomach in, push your stomach out, or slouch in your before photo then stand up straight in your after photo — there's nothing that discredits a transformation like a picture where it's obvious you are trying to change your appearance.

Adapting CU24™ Level 2 Sculpt - Duo WorkoutIf you find yourself without a workout partner, don't worry - Sculpt Duo is easily adaptable to do by yourself.

Exercises with the Power Resistance Cord:
- Find an anchored object like a door, treadmill, or column. Make sure that when you pull on the band that the object remains firmly in place. Always use caution and be aware of your surroundings.

- If using a door, open the door and leave open at an angle. You will want to stand facing the edge of the open door (the part that would be touching a door frame) and give yourself room so that you are not too close to any other objects. The door may swing slightly from side to side as you perform some of the exercises, so use caution and make sure the door is secure.

- For exercises where you need to hold the two handles of the Power Resistance Cord, take the middle of the cord and hold it horizontally above where the door handles are, centering the cord so that the door is in the middle. Loop the cord behind both door handles and pull towards you, so that the door knobs serve as anchors on either side.

- For exercises where you only need to hold one handle, make a loop with the cord and thread one handle through the other to make a circle. Hook this loop around one door handle and pull towards you to tighten the loop.

- If you are using a column:

- For exercises where you need to hold two handles, simply hook the cord around the column so that you have even resistance on each side.

- For exercises where you need to hold one handle, make a loop with the cord around the column, feed one handle through the other, and pull so that the cord is firmly in place.

Exercises with the Exercise Ball:
- If you are doing any of the exercises with the ball, you can use a sturdy wall to pass back and forth or simply do the exercise without a ball.

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Workout Calendar Download

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