JP & Angela Penzkover - Wisconsin

JP and Angela Penzkover say they were living an ordinary life but knew it wasn’t the life they were destined to live. “Before AdvoCare our life was ordinary. It was what everyone else was doing. You went to school, you got your job, went to work every day, sat in your cube, and then you started a family and searched for the best daycare,” Angie said.
“I just saw that as our life and in my heart, I knew this wasn’t the life JP and I were meant to have. I didn’t want ordinary, I wanted extraordinary. And that’s something I saw out of AdvoCare – a chance to live an extraordinary life!”

Their very first year, the Penzkovers earned $21,000 on the side while they each still had full-time jobs, but their business only grew from there. “Twenty-thousand dollars a year is an extra $1,500 a month and people get extremely excited about $1,500 a month extra. That can change a lot of lives. It changed ours,” JP said.

“Our second year, it paid us $61,000 and our third year we made $86,000. By our third year with AdvoCare, we were being paid more than her full time job and my full-time business combined.”

With the money they’ve earned from AdvoCare, JP and Angie are able to stay home and spend more time with their children. “We’re able to tell people we are home with our kids when they say, ‘what do you do or where do your kids go?’ To me that is extraordinary! Our kids have no concept of something different. Our extraordinary is their everyday life,” Angie said.

As the Penzkovers continue their journey with AdvoCare, they look forward to touching even more lives. JP said, “We’re impacting lives. When someone says, ‘what do you do for a job?’ I say that’s a hard question to answer because I don’t feel like I have a job. If we have this vehicle called AdvoCare, how can [we] not share it with people?”

STATUS: Diamond - Joined November 2001. EARNINGS TO DATE: $1,934,226*

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I didn't want ordinary,
I wanted extraordinary.
And that's something I
saw out of AdvoCare –
a chance to live an extraordinary life!

jp & angela penzkover -wisconsin

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