Hilary & Alex Carlen - Texas

“Growing up I had always been the big kid. I remember in middle school, I weighed around 200 pounds. By the time I graduated high school, I probably weighed around 260 pounds,” Alex Carlen said.

When Alex and Hilary Carlen started AdvoCare, Alex weighed 288 pounds. The couple started with the 24-Day Challenge™ and Alex lost 20 pounds and 20 inches while Hilary lost 10 pounds and 10 inches. Today, Alex has lost a total of 99 pounds, and Hilary has lost 30 pounds and 30 inches!

“The best thing about AdvoCare is what it has done for our future children. I resorted to the fact that he was going to be heavy and our children were going to be heavy. Just putting AdvoCare into our lives changed it tremendously, and now we are able to move forward and have a different lifestyle and change the legacy,” Hilary said.

The Carlens hope their amazing weight-loss success will help leave a healthy legacy for their future children!

Personal testimonials reflect individual experiences of AdvoCare Independent Distributors and are not necessarily typical of the results you may obtain. Weight loss varies with individual effort, body composition, eating patterns and exercise. If you have a medical condition or are pregnant or nursing, AdvoCare recommends that you consult your healthcare professional before starting an AdvoCare product regimen.

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The best thing about AdvoCare is what it has done for our children.

Hilary & Alex Carlen - Texas