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To Steve & Colleen Lizardi's


Steve & Colleen Lizardi
Our journey with AdvoCare began in January 2000. I was an Aerobic Director for a Fitness Club in Atlanta, teaching Aerobics and Personal training to help make ends meet. I was introduced to the products by referral and because of that, I approached the products like an extreme skeptic. Honestly, at that point in my life I wouldn't even take an aspirin! I spent two months looking into the company and each of its products. The closer I looked the better the products and company looked! Steve & I both started drinking Spark and taking the AdvoCare MNS Max Energy vitamins and achieved great results. Steve lost 20 pounds & 5 ½ inches in his waist in 6 weeks. I lost 10 pounds in four weeks and stopped napping every afternoon. We felt great and knew that we would be on AdvoCare products for life. We placed an Advisor order to get to the 40% discount and began sharing products with family, friends, and neighbors. We earned $490 in the first 10 days! Since that time our life has changed in ways we couldn't have imagined. We didn't grow up dreaming about marketing nutritional products. The culture of AdvoCare has given us the ability to dream again. We have achieved the Diamond Level of Leadership in AdvoCare. Our distributorship was honored at Success School in February as #3 in growth for 2012. AdvoCare as a company is on the rise like at no other time in its 20 year history. We are looking for committed individuals who are willing to use the Success System that is already in place. Someone who is willing to work hard and ride the momentum of the company and possibly change their financial future for generations to come. Criteria for Potential Business Success: 1. Disgust - Something in your life that needs change – Need more income, pay off debt, etc. 2. Desire - Must have the drive and commitment to change your current situation 3. Work Ethic- Willing to Work! AdvoCare is a work program this is not a get rich scheme 4. Money Motivated – Not Greedy, but someone who is willing to work to get their family ahead 5. Coachable – Willing to follow a proven system already in place for success 6. Now Mentality – Sense of Urgency, willing to get into Action today! If you have the desire to improve your current circumstances or begin planning for a Plan B income and you fit the criteria above, call us Today to set up a time when we can meet with you, answer all your questions and see if the Business Opportunity is a fit for you. Thanks for taking the time to read our Story! Diamond Distributors - Georgia Steve Lizardi (404) 661-4193 Colleen Lizardi (404) 925-2022

Interested in hearing more?

Interested in hearing more?