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Dick & Margie Olson
I started on Advocare products in March 2004. The first day I noticed a craving change and productive energy where I worked until 10:00 p.m. in contrast to the couch potato routine. My belt went from the last notch to the first notch in 3 months with a 20# weight loss. Before Advocare I could not swallow the first bite of pizza and actually stopped breathing and when I went to bed at night I would jump up choking in 30-45 minutes. This acid reflux related problem totally disappeared in September 2004. My back problems disappeared and my immune system strengthened dramatically where any illness is rare and very mild. In the past I would have 4-6 weeks of miserable allergies which many times led to bronchial infection which meant prescriptions. Now it is 2-3 days of a mild case. My prostate health has improved dramatically. Sinus headaches are now rare and my heel spur was cured with Advocare. My health screening results keep on improving and in September 2007 I actually received a super preferred health insurance rating.

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