Levi & Jackie McDonald
Casper, WY
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Levi & Jackie McDonald
Levi & Jackie McDonald

Jackie 214-202-4074
Levi 214-334-4244

Our journey of finding freedom began when Levi started college football at Southeastern Oklahoma. He was introduced to the products and in 2001 became a distributor.

Now 12 years later, married for 4 years with 2 beautiful children we work the business together- sharing the opportunity for physical and financial freedom with everyone we meet. AdvoCare has helped us with our own fitness goals and allowed Jackie to be a stay at home mom with the extra income that we earn.

What we know to be true is that AdvoCare has been great for us and continues to be our vehicle to Freedom. We believe that whatever your need, you will find that AdvoCare can help you find FREEDOM too!

Be Well,
Jackie & Levi

For more information call us today...Don't "Weight"!
Jackie 214-202-4074
Levi 214-334-4244

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