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Tracy Brandt
Before Advocare came into my life,I worked a fulltime job, had three children in fulltime daycare I was overweight, over tired , unhealthy and stressed out over leaving three beautiful babies in daycare. A dear friend of mine told me about Advocare. After trying Spark, I immediately decided that I would always want to feel this great so I signed up for my discount. After that, I started on other Advocare products and my energy went up, my attitude got better and I lost 2 pant sizes in one month. I even lost my cravings for coffee and soda! Right away I started to share how awesome I felt with my friends, family and coworkers even though I originally had no intention of ever selling Advocare. They all wanted what I had my hands on. I new nothing, but how good I felt. That was good enough for them and I ended up selling $3,000 of products in two weeks! Well they all had success and so on and so on. After one year of sharing Advocare I replaced my income ( I was in the enviromental field ). That was something we never thought was possible. Because of Advocare's great products and the help and support I received I have been a stay at home mom for five years now. I have tapped into Advocare's debt buster program and have paid of over 40,000.00 of debt. Advocare has allowed me to travel to many exciting destinations that would have never been possible before Advocare came into my life.

The most exciting part of this entire Advocare journey has been helping others to achieve what they never thought was possible with these products and opportunity. Whether you are looking to feel better, manage your weight, pay off debt or build a residual income; I'm here to help. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Tracy Brandt

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