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Bill Leppert
Hello! Welcome to my site!

In the simplest of terms, AdvoCare is a wellness organization that provides an array of solutions and tools that help people feel better, look better, and perform better. AdvoCare is built upon a vision that people could improve their lives through superior nutrition and fitness.

When AdvoCare found me, I was wrestling with consequences of not taking my nutrition seriously. I was overweight and feeling sluggish. I knew AdvoCare had the solutions to help me start feeling better, looking better and performing better. Initially I lost about 20 pounds applying the AdvoCare approach to my lifestyle. The initial weight loss gave me the impetus to continue losing about another 50 more pounds for a total of over 70 pounds. At one time I thought I was too old to feel this good or perform this well. Thanks to AdvoCare, what was once impossible is now something I do everyday.

AdvoCare has been setting the standard in the health and wellness revolution for well over two decades. Because of that heritage, helping people become the best version of themselves is part of my daily routine. The closer you look at AdvoCare, the more reasons you will find to trust AdvoCare.

People are attracted to AdvoCare for different reasons. Those reasons vary from finding more energy, losing unwanted weight, maintaining athletic performance, becoming debt free, finding more time in the day and more. There are four different ways to engage with AdvoCare. Contact me above and we can get you started today!

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