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Jeremy and Lisa Thiel
Jeremy was introduced to AdvoCare products in 1998 while playing high-school football. He immediately saw results and started sharing with his teammates. With the help of the products he placed 3rd at the 2008 CrossFit Games .

Today Advocare products fuel his workouts and provide the energy he needs as an entrepreneur . Since 1998 AdvoCare products have been part of his life, taking them and sharing with friends and family.

I was introduced to AdvoCare products in 2005, I took them as a skeptic for years despite my competition success as an athlete.

In March 2013 this skeptical athlete was a fluffy, tired new mother. I jumped on a 24 Day Challenge. In 8 weeks I went from a size 10 to 4/6 and felt like myself again. I saw that Advocare was the simplicity and structure many people need to balance family, work, and healthy living.

What started as a natural evolution of sharing products with our friends and family has quickly turned into a full time income. AdvoCare has allowed me to be a full-time mom and part time coach!

Since March 2012 Jeremy and I have been able to replace our incomes with AdvoCare by focusing on sharing product, building a team of motivated individuals with a heart for helping others.

AdvoCare products are the best we have put in our bodies - but we truly believe that the best AdvoCare product is the business opportunity.

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