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Sports Advisory Council

The AdvoCare Sports Advisory Council includes many of the top strength and conditioning coaches and athletic trainers in the country. These experts consult with AdvoCare on issues relating to current and future product development – helping to ensure that AdvoCare stands for innovation and excellence through products that give athletes and performers a competitive edge. They also exchange information on a variety of topics relating to the use of nutritional supplements in the training of athletes and rehabilitation of athletic injuries.

Dean Miller
Dean MillerCouncil Chair, Associate Head Athletic Trainer, Olympic sports, Rice University
Mark Mauldin
Mark MauldinDirector of Executive Health for Hendrick Motorsports
Todd Miller, Ph.D.
Todd Miller, Ph.D.Associate Professor of Exercise Science at George Washington University School of PHHS
Jerry Punch
Jerry PunchPhysician of Emergency Medicine and Sports Commentator
Erik Korem
Erik KoremHigh Performance Coach for University of Kentucky Football
Murphy Grant
Murphy GrantAssistant Athletic Director Sports Medicine at the University of Kansas Athletics
Jennifer Jones
Jennifer JonesDirector of Player Development for Women's Basketball at Texas A&M University
Kevin Yoxall
Kevin YoxallStrength and Conditioning Coach for football at Rice University
Gene Coleman, Ed.D.
Gene Coleman, Ed.D.Strength and Conditioning Consultant, Professional Baseball
Ivan Lewis
Ivan LewisHead Strength and Conditioning Coach for the University of Southern California
Eric Lichter
Eric LichterStrength and Conditioning Specialist for World-Class Athletes
John McBride
John McBrideStrength and Conditioning Specialist for World-Class Athletes

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