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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I resign my Distributorship?

You may resign your Distributorship at any time by submitting a signed and notarized Resignation Form (available from AdvoCare). If a Distributorship has an Applicant and Co-Applicant, the Resignation Form must be signed and notarized by both parties unless one party desires to continue the Distributorship. If only one party (either Applicant or Co-Applicant) wishes to resign, that party needs to submit a Resignation Form to have their name removed from the account.

You may request a resignation packet from Distributor Support at 800-542-4800.

Once you resign as a Distributor, you are not eligible to enroll again as a Distributor for six (6) months following the date your resignation is complete.

Refunds and Credits. If you resign your Distributorship, you are entitled to receive a refund or credit for the cost of your Distributor Kit. You may also be eligible for a refund or credit for any unopened products that you have purchased from AdvoCare. To be entitled to a refund, the following must apply:

1. Required form. Send in a completed and notarized Resignation Form.

2. Product refunds. To expedite your refund for any unopened AdvoCare® products, please include an inventory list with all returned products. You must include all documentation and materials listed below to be eligible to receive a product refund.

Product refund criteria:
a) The returned products must have been purchased within the 12 months preceding your date of resignation. *
b) All returned products must be accompanied by proof that you purchased the products from AdvoCare. Returned products must also appear in your order history to be eligible for a refund.
c) The returned products must not be damaged, and must be current and saleable. **
d) Any product returned to AdvoCare that does not meet the refund criteria shall not be eligible for a refund.
e) AdvoCare will retain any returned product regardless of whether or not the product meets the refund criteria.

Product refund process:
a) The refund amount is based upon the retail price minus the applicable discount and any applicable sales tax previously paid. Shipping costs are not refundable.
b) Product refunds are processed in the same form of payment as the product purchase. If you have since closed such an account, you will need to provide a bank or credit card statement showing the account has been closed, at which time AdvoCare will refund any amount owed with a check.

3. Distributor Kit. Send in your Distributor Kit in order to receive a $50 refund. For Distributors who ordered their Distributor Kit on or after February 20, 2009, you will be refunded the current Distributor Kit price of $79 plus applicable taxes.

4. Mailing address. Send your Resignation Form, any product submitted for refund, and any other paperwork to:

AdvoCare International L.P.
Attention: Resignations
2801 Summit Avenue
Plano, TX 75074

You may also fax your Resignation Form to 972-665-5224. Please allow three to five business days for processing your request based on the date that we receive your paperwork and any product.

*The 12-month requirement is not applicable to residents of Maryland, Wyoming, Louisiana, Massachusetts, and Puerto Rico.

**Current and saleable means any product being offered for sale by AdvoCare on the date it receives the Distributor's Resignation Forms, in current packaging, and having ample shelf life remaining.



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