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Frequently Asked Questions

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When are Distributorship renewals due?

A Distributor must renew his or her Distributorship on an annual basis by paying the current renewal fee of $50. The date the renewal fee is due will be the Distributor¿s anniversary date, and each year the Distributor wants to renew, he or she must do so by paying the current renewal fee on or before such anniversary date. Paying the renewal fee constitutes the Distributor¿s acceptance of the terms and conditions of his or her Agreement with AdvoCare, as well as the current Policies, Procedures and Compensation Plan. A Renewal Application is not required. If a Distributor fails to renew by the renewal date, his or her Distributorship will terminate and all Distributorships downline from it will permanently roll up to the next upline Advisor. While we encourage all Distributors to renew on or before their anniversary date, we will allow for a 60-day grace period before the Distributorship is terminated. If at any time you wish to again become a Distributor after such a termination, you must sign up as a new Distributor. This includes entering into a new Distributor Agreement, receiving a new Distributor Kit, ID number, and starting at the discount level for which your purchases in your new Distributorship qualify.



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