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Our names are Carlton and Lisa Hardman, and we are the proud parents of Ben, Jacob, and Brady Grace. We truly love what we do in helping others with the two most important areas of life, health and financial freedom! We've been actively working from home as Advocare Independent Distributors for 11 years!

If you're interest in AdvoCare for better health, we are deeply committed to coaching you for optimal product results, and if your interest ALSO includes a Plan B source of income, we'll partner with you every step of the way.

In August of 2002, when AdvoCare came into our lives, Carlton had a very busy medical business that took him away from home several nights each week, and I was working in women's ministries. Our twins were then 3, and we were struggling to keep up both physically and financially. Carlton's business was successful, but the prospect of a future with two children starting college on the same day was overwhelming. We were living paycheck to paycheck with very little extra left to save for unexpected expenses, our retirement, or even vacations without the tempation to use a line of credit.

A friend introduced us to AdvoCare, and although we'd not heard of the company before that time, we had a strong desire to change our circumstances, and an open mind. We immediately saw a company with products we could trust, and a name we could attach ours to without worry to our credibility. What we found was HOPE, and went straight to the Advisor Level which enabled us to save 40% on the products and earn income 5 ways.


With help from our mentors, we went straight to work helping others, and went on to earn an extra $900 in our first 10 days, and an extra $2200.00 income our very first month, which was more income than I'd made as an elementary school teacher. From there, we went on to earn an extra $40,000 part time our first full year in the business.

Taking our business seriously, and working part-time for the first 6 years, we took the extra income we earned with AdvoCare, and PAID OFF MORE THAN $160,000.00 worth of debt. Paying off this debt, enabled Carlton to retire from medical surgical sales and join me as a full-time parent while we worked AdvoCare part-time together. We now have the freedom we once only dreamed about. Our passion for AdvoCare's products and opportunity, and determination to share with everyone we know has certainly been life changing! People are taking better care of themselves than ever before, and most are seeking a Plan B source of income!

In 2008, During a time of recession, our 1099 income was $75,0000 which continued to explode each year thereafter finishing up 2009: $140,000, 2010: $350,000, & 2011: $520,000, 2012 $740,000, & 2013 at $1,025,000.00 in income. Our current income is now well over $80,000 each month, with our best month to date being $103,000 in January of 2014! We've helped many people who’re now earning an additional income per month.

Along with many on our team, we've ALSO EARNED INCREDIBLE INCENTIVE TRIPS to Maui, Jackson Hole, San Francisco, New York City, an Alaskan cruise, 2 years in a row earned trips to San Diego for the Drew Brees Classic Charity Golf Tournament, a trip to the 2009 Masters in Augusta, Ga, the British Virgin Island of Peter Island in May 2009 AND November 2011, Kona, Hawaii, New Zealand, Paris, Atlantis in October 2011 with our children, Costa Rica, a Mediterranean Cruise to Greece & Italy in May of 2012, South Africa in March of 2013, Kauai, Hawaii in May 2013, A Venetian Cruise to Greece, Croatia, & Venice in October 2013, and a Trip to Bora Bora in December 2013.

Other incentives have included thousands of dollars in Bonus money, and in January of 2009, earned an amazing $10,000.00 Kitchen Makeover!!


With many worried about losing health insurance, they're taking better care of themselves through nutrition, and many more are OPEN TO and IN NEED OF PLAN B INCOME. Also exciting is that, due to such things as the Advocare Independence Bowl and the AdvoCare 500, the company and brand are fast becoming a household name. This simple fact, is why we’ve been able to EXPLODE our 2008 income of $75,000 to $740,000 in 2012, now averaging $80,000+ per month with our best month in August 2013 being over $98,000 by serving people for better health and for some financial freedom.

Because Advocare products are safe and always work, they're trusted among elite athletes. Product efficacy is WHY we have an incredible business opportunity for those who need or want PLAN B INCOME. Income to pay for retirement, education, vacations, tithe more, or to become debt free.

An opportunity that has virtually no overhead, and is untapped, but with products that have a 20 year proven track record. This business model enables us, as distributors, to pour our earnings into paying off and staying out of debt as opposed to paying for store front. It also enables Advocare to pour their resources into making the safest and best nutritional products in the world!


Advocare's opportunity is untapped, yet is one of the most recognized name among top athletes. Because the products are safe and work, and with the explosion of our name across the country we see a future for our children and grandchildren of debt freedom, and being able to affect real change in our community!

That to say, we initially saw AdvoCare only as a way to earn extra income but found so much more. We know we're impacting lives, and we're more passionate than ever about helping other families achieve physical and financial freedom through Advocare's amazing products and opportunity. We want others to experience the freedom we now know!


Our boys, Ben and Jacob are now 14, and Brady Grace is 7, and we get to enjoy everything with them. The QUANTITY & QUALITY of family time we now experience allows us to be THE DRIVING FORCE and INFLUENCE in our children's lives! Living this way fuels our passion to help others enjoy our same freedom.

One thing we know for sure, very few people have either discretionary income or discretionary time. Many people are tired, overworked, and are dealing with poor health issues associated with a busy lifestyle. Advocare is a difference making company, and like us, could possibly be your vehicle for change in one or both of those two most important areas! We are serious about what we do for each and every person we help in achieving physical and for some financial goals!

There is a place in Advocare for everyone whether your interest is simply better health and sports performance, earning mad money, or the possibility of earning full-time income on a part-time basis.
Please feel free to email us with any questions about the Advocare products or if you're interested in learning more about this incredible opportunity.

Those we partner with GET RESULTS whether products, opportunity, or both!

Have fun browsing around our site, and God Bless! Carlton & Lisa,

Carlton or Lisa Hardman
Total Nutrition
Sports Performance, Energy, Weight Loss, Wellness, Opportunity
251-583-3704 Carlton
251-209-6072 Lisa

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