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Before my good friend, Eric, told me about AdvoCare I worked 12 hour days and watched TV when I finally got home. My work day started at 3:30 am with a 32 oz mug of coffee and two or three doughnuts. I started on MNS PLATINUM and within the first two weeks I stopped drinking coffee. I didn't need the jump start in the mornings. I now take MNS PLATINUM, CATALYST, and meal shakes for breakfast. 

I still work 12 hour days, but now when I get home I have the energy for 45 minute walks and I enjoy a fun game of softball with my AdvoCare friends. I now have a life after work because I have the energy to finally enjoy myself.  After my first success school in Dallas I knew I wanted to be part of this opportunity and share it with anyone needing solutions.

Michael W. Smith

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