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Jean Crawford
I was introduced to AdvoCare in Jan.2004. After 15yrs. in the fitness industry at the time,I was skeptical. I didn't want to take pills and was not interested in another business opportunity, but I was exhausted and had an extra 10lbs of body fat to lose. I was also looking for weightloss solutions to help my students.

After 4 weeks on AdvoCare products the weightloss was 10lbs but what impressed me most was the 8 1/2 inches gone from my waist and hips. I also dropped 2 pant sizes! I quit drinking coffee, had great energy and my sugar cravings went away. I was making better food choices and feeling great. My husband also needed to lose weight and in 6mo he lost over 50lbs. The best part is that we've kept it off for over 8 years!

I realized I could help more people lose weight, build lean muscle, feel better and perform better using AdvoCare products. I locked onto the vision for a brighter future with a vehicle that helps people get free physically and financially. I now have hope of leaving a legacy of Fit4Freedom in my family and we are impacting other families as well.

Who do you know that is looking for energy, weight loss, sports performance, an extra $1000 or more per month? Do you have dreams and goals without a plan to get there? Is AdvoCare right for you?
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Jean Crawford

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