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Trish & Jon Reitan
In 2004, Jon was a successful Vice President of a Fortune 50 corporation but was spending 90 hours a week or more away the family. I was busy at home raising our two young children and running my bookkeeping business. We were blessed with a healthy family and financial security, but we never had enough time to spend as a family. We wanted more out of life!

AdvoCare was the answer.

It was then, by chance, that AdvoCare walked into our lives. Jon and I wanted to lose some weight and get more energy, and a friend recommended AdvoCare products. We quickly found out just how phenomenally well the products worked. Not only did we lose weight and get more energy, but we then used AdvoCare products to help us train for and run the San Diego Marathon and then the Phoenix Marathon just 6 months later.

We realized that with products that work this well, and the enormous growth in the Wellness Industry, we had the incredible business opportunity we had been searching for. Today I get to work side by side with my husband and best friend as we build our AdvoCare business together. As work-at-home parents, we are much more involved in our kids' lives. AdvoCare has shown us that if you can dream it, you can achieve it and the possibilities are limitless.

Invest in you, your family and their futures with Advocare, for you each deserve the very best!

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