Shannan Hearne
Clover, SC
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Shannan Hearne
I don't get excited about much anymore. When I was presented with AdvoCare, I thought yeah, another health and wellness business opportunity. Well "YEAH" is right! AdvoCare has been a blessing to my family and I - like I could never, ever have imagined possible.

When I was introduced to AdvoCare Spark on a camping trip, I was truly amazed that I could put anything into my body that would be as effective as a cup of coffee. But Spark, with its vitamins and amino acids gave us a ton of energy and much needed mental focus. It was far more effective than the campfire coffee I'd been drinking.

After thirteen years of carrying around over 60 pounds of excess weight, feeling tired and run down all the time, and hating the body that looked back at me from the mirror every day; I found Advocare. The weight is coming off. I'm in better physical shape. I'm wearing clothes I haven't been able to wear since before my first child was born seventeen years ago. I've developed healthy eating and exercise habits. I'm climbing mountains - literally and figuratively - that I haven't been able to climb in a long, long time. AdvoCare not only has provided me with health and hope, but as an independent distributor for AdvoCare I've also got a plan for my financial future.

I have utilized the AdvoCare income to purchase new vehicles, pay down debt, take vacations, and more! Before I discovered the true potential with AdvoCare I struggled through financial issues that were making living a normal life difficult.

Before AdvoCare, my physical activity didn't include much more than walking to and from my car. Now I ride horses several times a week, walk, put up hay, train, work out in my yard, and reach for new heights all the time. AdvoCare has given me a life back that my health and my weight had taken away.

The freedom that comes with being able to bend over and touch my toes again or lace up a pair of shoes or paint my toenails is incredible. The financial freedom to get a pedicure even though I CAN touch my toes is pretty nice, too!

AdvoCare products are safe and effective and I'm proud to share them with friends, family, and everyone who needs to attain better health. I know AdvoCare works and I'm completely confident to share AdvoCare with others.

AdvoCare has given me back my health, my hope, my dreams for the future, and the time to spend being a mom to my three great daughters. Without AdvoCare, we would all five be struggling. Thanks to AdvoCare, I'm raising three budding little athletes excelling in soccer, basketball, swimming, marching band, color guard, and dance. Thanks to AdvoCare, we truly are building champions - in our family and in our AdvoCare teams!

By sharing the fantastic products for fitness, athletic performance, weight loss and maintenance, skin care, and wellness I've created a wonderful extra income. AdvoCare offers a consumable product base so your customers continue to shop with you month after month. AdvoCare rewards you for sharing the business opportunity as well as for sharing the products.

Product after product that I've tried from AdvoCare has made a big difference in my health. I hear the same stories over and over again from my customers. World class products. Phenomenal business opportunity. Fifteen years of business experience and a science and medical advisory board second to none. AdvoCare offers you something you just can't find anywhere else - health, hope, and a future.

To jump start your business, check out upcoming product and business training opportunities and Success School. I will be with you every step of the way as you develop your own product regimen and success stories, and as you build your business. AdvoCare offers so many solutions for your success, like the DVD by the same name, that you can't go wrong. This is a business that practically grows by itself. When I'm not promoting AdvoCare there is always someone in my downline or my customer base who is promoting AdvoCare. Just like I helped Galen Sanderson grow to Advisor status with Advocare for maximum earnings, I am ready to help you.

Poor health isn't a curse that we are saddled with at birth because of genetics, and it isn't a disease that we are stuck with due to poor diet and nutrition choices. Poor health is a condition we can alter for ourselves, our families, and our world.

To your success and your health,

Shannan Hearne
Independent AdvoCare Distributor and Advisor

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