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Shannan Hearne
When I was introduced to AdvoCare Spark on a camping trip, I was truly amazed that I could put anything into my body that would be as effective as a cup of coffee. But Spark, with its vitamins and amino acids gave us a ton of energy and much needed mental focus. After 21 years of carrying around over 100 pounds of excess weight, feeling tired and run down all the time, and hating the body that looked back at me from the mirror every day; I found Advocare. The weight is coming off. I'm in better physical shape. I'm wearing clothes I haven't been able to wear since before my first child was born 21 years ago. I've developed healthy eating and exercise habits. I'm climbing mountains - literally and figuratively - that I haven't been able to climb in a long, long time. I have lost 115 pounds!

AdvoCare has given me back my health, my hope, my dreams for the future, and the time to spend being a mom to my three great daughters. Thanks to AdvoCare, we truly are building champions - in our family and in our AdvoCare teams!

Let me help you take the weight off, get healthy, and earn an incredible income.

Shannan Hearne
Independent AdvoCare Distributor and Advisor

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