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To Galen And Joy Sanderson's


Galen And Joy Sanderson
Thanks for stopping by our AdvoCare site. Five years ago, I was introduced to a powerful AdvoCare product called Spark Energy Drink. Spark was phenominal with great energy. Since then, we have been taking different AdvoCare products, and we feel great!!! AdvoCare Products have changed our lives in so many ways. I was introduced to AdvoCare Spark energy drink and the results have been amazing! Spark Energy Drink only taps the surface to the many world-class Advocare Products available. We feel great, have more energy, and go about my day to day activities with more mental focus, clarity and purpose. AdvoCare Spark energy drink and other AdvoCare products such as catalyst, O-2 Gold, and ThermoPlus have definitely made a positive difference in our lives. Joy and I have every confidence, that AdvoCare products can make a difference in your life as well. The AdvoCare business opportunity for us was a God-Send. The AdvoCare opportunity has helped us eliminate debt and positively changed our financial now AND our future! The Advocare business opportunity has given us hope for a brighter future, and I'm now confidently persuing my dreams through AdvoCare and ulitimately a better way of life. AdvoCare really can make a difference and thus far, it already has. Thanks to Advocare, we enjoy living life to the fullest. AdvoCare products are safe and effective and we are proud to share them with friends, family, and total strangers who need to attain better health. We know AdvoCare products work and are completely confident to share AdvoCare with others. AdvoCare products CHANGE LIVES! Explore the many powerful, safe and effective AdvoCare products today. God is GOOD!!! Hopefully He brought you to our site to make a diiference in your life too!! Thanks again for stopping by. Here is to your better "health, hope and future"...with AdvoCare. Galen and Joy Sanderson Independent Advocare Distributors 0508136 (803) 517-6420

Interested in hearing more?

Interested in hearing more?