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Jennifer – “Before Advocare I was 18% BF, ate well and worked out. I wanted to go from good to great. When I added in Advocare I did not change my eating or exercise and dropped my body fat from 18% to 7.9% in only 3 months! I have maintained around a 10% BF now for almost 8 years and will only put Advocare in my body for my supplementation."

Nathan – “Advocare helped me take my Body Building career from the amateur ranks to winning two National level shows and turning Pro in 2011. I found Advocare to create optimal breakdown and absorption of the nutrition I was taking in. Advocare is the only products I will allow in my body now because I don’t only want to look good but be healthy for my family.”

“We both saw first hand how well the products works and because of that we knew there was a business.”

Jennifer – “Before Advocare I was a single mom, $70k in debt, working two jobs and feeling defeated by life. I saw the vision of a better life with Advocare and got to work becoming the first single mother to ever build a Advocare business to the top pay level.

Nathan – “Before Advocare, I owned my dream Gym that owned me! I spent 12 hours days there and worked tirelessly to pay my employees. I began Advocare as a plan B part time to help my clients maximize results and began to earn more from Advocare than I did at my Gym. I was able to step away from my failing business and do Advocare full time.”

We both had very different beginnings. Yet both utilized amazing products and a vehicle in which we could change lives and create great incomes for those around us, including ourselves. We both went from zero to now averaging over $70,000 income per month!

You have the same opportunity with Advocare to design your life. Feel free to contact us and we can help guide you to a better future physically and financially.

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