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Jennifer – “Before Advocare I was 18% BF, ate well and worked out. I wanted to go from good to great. When I added in Advocare I did not change my eating or exercise and dropped my body fat from 18% to 7.9% in only 3 months! I have maintained around a 10% BF now for almost 8 years and will only put Advocare in my body for my supplementation."

Nathan – “Advocare helped me take my Body Building career from the amateur ranks to winning two National level shows and turning Pro in 2011. I found Advocare to create optimal breakdown and absorption of the nutrition I was taking in. Advocare is the only products I will allow in my body now because I don’t only want to look good but be healthy for my family.”

“We both saw first hand how well the products works and because of that we knew there was a business.”

Jennifer – “Before Advocare I was a single mom, $70k in debt, working two jobs and feeling defeated by life. I saw the vision of a better life with Advocare and got to work becoming the first single mother to ever build a Advocare business to the top pay level.

Nathan – “Before Advocare, I owned my dream Gym that owned me! I spent 12 hours days there and worked tirelessly to pay my employees. I began Advocare as a plan B part time to help my clients maximize results and began to earn more from Advocare than I did at my Gym. I was able to step away from my failing business and do Advocare full time.”

We both had very different beginnings. Yet both utilized amazing products and a vehicle in which we could change lives and create great incomes for those around us, including ourselves. We both went from zero to now averaging over $70,000 income per month!

You have the same opportunity with Advocare to design your life. Feel free to contact us and we can help guide you to a better future physically and financially.

Nathan and Jennifer DeTracy

Personal testimonials are written by each Independent Distributor, reflect his or her individual experiences and are not necessarily typical of the results you may obtain. Product results vary with individual effort, consistency of use, body composition, eating patterns and exercise. If you have a medical condition or are pregnant or nursing, AdvoCare recommends you consult your healthcare professional before starting an AdvoCare product regimen. Earnings depend on a number of factors, including your individual effort and the area in which you live. Total earnings may include earnings from the start of the Distributorship to the date this information was published and do not include earnings from retail sales.

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