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I have been involved in health and fitness for as long as i can remember. I started bodybuilding right after high school and now am a certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist. I enjoy helping others look better, feel better, and perform better.

After a few years of placing in the top 5 for my competitions, I considered retiring from the sport. Then in 2006 i was introduced to Advocare. Like most I was skeptical about trying new products, but figured I was unhappy with results I was currently getting and the products. I immediately got on MNS Max E, Muscle Strength, Post Workout Recovery,Catalyst and Spark as needed. In less than a week I could see and feel the difference. My strength was rapidly increasing, I looked leaner, and my enegry has gone throught the roof. I havent felt this way in years. I knew I had something here with Advocare so I placed my advisor order to recieve the maximum discount.

In the previous shows I have done I would compete at 170 lbs. I had depleted sick look with no energy. My very first show only a few months later, I competed at 183 pounds. That was 13 pounds of muscle I gained, and i didnt have that sick look. Not only did I win my weight class, but i won Best Abs, and the Overall title. I currently have won the Mr Wisconsin title 3 years in a row, and will be going for a 4th this year. I am 28yrs old, and with Advocare I currently am leaner, and have more muscle and energy than ever before. Its like im in high school again.

If you want to LOOK better, FEEL better, and PERFORM better, then ADVOCARE is the answer!

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