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Melinda "Mindy" & Trayson Stewart
Back when I was introduced to AdvoCare, I was going through very stressful times in my life, I was in a size 14/16 and not happy with my looks. I finally broke to the point of wanting to make a change and start a new life again. I was working out hard at a gym and still not seeing the results I truly wanted inside and out. I stayed tired all the time because of being stressed out and burning Energy from trying so hard to lose weight. It was at that gym where I met AdvoCare products and a great lady, Glenda. She told me about the products & I got started on Spark® Energy Drink, Herbal Cleanse, MNS® Max 3, ThermoPlus, & CATALYST. Immediately I noticed a difference in my Energy level and over 2 months on products, the fat was starting to melt away with only lean muscle left to show! In total I have dropped 30 lbs and am down 7 jeans sizes!
When Trayson and I got married in May of 2009, I introduced him to the products. At first he was very skeptical, but he ended up getting on a 24 day challenge, and immediatly he felt a boost in energy especially when working on the ranch and team roping, and he has been hooked ever since. Trayson normally uses MNS® Max3, Catalyst, Spark and Rehydrate daily, as well as OmegaPlex, with even an ocasional Oasis. Thank You God & AdvoCare for helping us start our New Life! Contact us when you are ready to start yours!

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