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  AdvoCare Personal Development Council

Their coaching of continued growth and development in business and life is an ongoing resource for AdvoCare Independent Distributors.

Meet the Council Members:

Andy Andrews
Andy AndrewsBestselling author & motivational speaker
Bob Beaudine
Bob BeaudineAuthor, public speaker, President & CEO
Neal Jeffery
Neal JefferyFormer All-American Quarterback, public speaker and pastor
Cary Mullen
Cary MullenKeynote Speaker, Author
Ron Reynolds
Ron ReynoldsAdvoCare Vice President, Distributor Recognition
Debra Fisser
Debra FisserAdvoCare Sales Vice President
Rick Loy
Rick LoyAdvoCare Vice President, Sales & Field Development
Mike Wade
Mike WadeAdvoCare Sales Vice President

Laws of Leadership Audio Series:

Listen to our audio series featuring AdvoCare Executives and Personal Development Council Members. Each audio segment includes personal insights that relate to The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell. Check back often for new additions to this series.

  • Hear President and CEO Richard Wright discuss "The Law of Momentum." Gain and maintain momentum to help you and your team perform at the highest level possible!

  • AdvoCare Vice President of Sales & Field Development Rick Loy visits "The Law of Process." Becoming a leader takes time and dedication. Are you making progress and following the process?

  • Listen to AdvoCare Sales Vice President Debra Fisser discuss "The Law of Intuition." Tap into your intuition to further develop your strengths and the strengths of those around you. Ask questions, become aware and trust yourself.

  • Hear AdvoCare Sales Vice President Mike Wade discuss "The Law of Empowerment." This Law of Leadership allows you to manage work and decision-making in a positive way. Empower others by providing them with the encouragement and confidence to grow. Go - empower someone today!

  • Rick Loy speaks about "The Law of Buy In." This "Law" reminds us that people buy into a leader before buying into the leader’s vision. Do your leadership and messaging skills support your vision when sharing it with others?

  • Mike Wade covers "The Law of Explosive Growth." To add growth, lead followers. To multiply growth, add leaders. This technique is vital to the growth of your business and overall organization.

  • Debra Fisser speaks to "The Law of Connection." To truly connect with people and be a successful leader, one must focus on others before focusing on themselves. Communicate and express the value that others bring. Believe in others and offer hope. This will help in reaching your goals all while getting others to meet their goals as well. Connect today!


AdvoCare believes that at the very heart of every person is the desire to become more in life - to be a champion. This Council’s purpose is to help bring this remarkable vision to life for AdvoCare Independent Distributors.

Council members are proven experts in the disciplines of personal growth and development. Together, they apply their knowledge of coaching, motivation and success strategies to elevate the opportunity for fulfillment through AdvoCare's rewarding career opportunity.

Their individual and shared efforts are an ongoing resource designed to give each Distributor a competitive edge. Their coaching of continued growth and development in business and life is an ongoing resource for you and your team.

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