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Lance and Adriana have been members of AdvoCare® since 2006. Both of them are fitness trainers and coaches and have been in the fitness industry for over 18 years. The introduction to AdvoCare came from a friend of over 15 years after they were looking for a change, something more than just training clients in the gym, with the same reward and an opportunity to do more for their family and friends.

Everyday we go out with one thing in mind…to inspire others to do something great for themselves!

At AdvoCare we do 2 things…
- help others with weight management, energy, athletic performance, general wellness, healthy aging and children's nutrition
- help others save on product usage, pay for their own product, replace income, and help with time and debt freedom

If you need some help or have questions on the right products for your lifestyle, goals or schedule, please contact us at any time! It is our responsibility to help you achieve the results you desire in the quickest, most efficient and safest manner possible! And remember, our job begins, not ends, when you buy your AdvoCare product! We are here to coach you throughout your product use!

To reach us directly call 561-715-5778 or email us at

Thanks for visiting our site and we look forward to hearing from you!

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