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Larry & Babby Posey
When I was introduced to Advocare I had no intentions of taking product and hadn't given weight loss a thought. My husband and I were merely supporting a friend by attending a mixer.

After hearing about the product and its benefits the presenter got my attention. She allowed me to see how being a part of Advocare had given her family renewed energy, weight loss and stability along with changing their financial situation. Being in the trucking business all of these changes we could see as a benefit to our family. My husband and I bought in as Advisors that night and my husband began on products the very next day. After three days he was 7 pounds lighter and his energy level was through the roof. Because of my recent (6mos.) victory over Breast Cancer, Hallelujah, I was told to take the products to my doctors, which they approved. After three weeks on product I am 10 pounds lighter and have more energy than my doctors and friends thought that I would have after going through chemotherapy and radiation.

We thank God that we took the time to support a friend which lead us to the Advocare product and family. A perfect stranger stood before us and stated, "If you see an opportunity to become healthier or you need a Plan B to secure your future, I'm hear to help you," and she did just that. She helped us recoup our investment in less than 30 days and put income in our pockets. Within 2 weeks of us becoming Advisors she also helped us work our three children to Advisor in one pay period. She and her husband is truly a blessing to our family.

I have met so many wonderful people in Advocare that I consider my extended family. Advocare is a vehicle that is changing our lives because we desired to leave an inheritance for our childrens, children. God presented us vision through Advocare, now it is our mission to make it happen. Thanks for stopping by and never stop dreaming!

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