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To Jeff & Christina Mininger's


Jeff & Christina Mininger
Thanks for your interest. AdvoCare offers world-class nutritional supplements, sports performance products. These products are showing up in homes all across American by using the free-enterprise model of direct sells. Jeff & I have been truly Blessed by Advocare. We live in the beautiful state of Virginia. Since August 2008 we have being using Advocare products & the business opportunity. Jeff overcame a coffee habit for energy, leaned out & gained 10lbs of muscle. I dropped 4 pants sizes by using the products & have more energy to be a wife & stay at home mom. Because the products are amazing, safe and effective there is an incredible business opportunity. In 2008 we were desperately searching for a way for me to be a stay at home mom to our two baby girls. Without me working, we were paying out more money a month than Jeff was earning employed as a Designer/ Drafter. Advocare allowed us to earn the additional $500 to $1000 a month that we needed. In 2009, when the housing market crashed, Jeff was told just 2 days before Christmas the company he had worked for was shutting its doors. We made a decision then that we wanted more control over over our income. If we could make $500/mo then we could make $5000/mo. So we went to work sharing it with more people. To this day the opportunity of AdvoCare has allowed Jeff never to return to the 9-5 work place. He has been able to work from home with his own design business, but now has the luxury of building another full time income with part time hours because of AdvoCare. We are now work from home parents, working together and doing the things that are important to us. We are able to impact and raise our girls and design the life we have been called to. We are so Passionate about the Freedoms & Leadership this company provides that we want to help others do the same. We want to help those who want to take control of their health whether its energy, weight loss or sports performance. If you are looking to take back your LIFE, have more TIME for your family and be DEBT free. Advocare can offer solutions for both. The Products work, the Success System is proven and already in place for you to take advantage of. The choice is now yours. Let us know what is right for you. Impacting Families & Building Champions Be Blessed JEFF & CHRISTINA MININGER

Interested in hearing more?

Interested in hearing more?