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Kyle & Dacia McComb
After 2007 & 2008 real estate crash hit, my wife and I had lost our home, savings and were on the brink of bankruptcy. We were both in real estate and mortgages so the crash hit us hard. My friend Dan told me about Advocare as an option to make a little income. At that point I needed anything even just a couple hundred bucks would help. My wife, Dacia, and I got on the products and ended up losing 40lbs in 3 months and because of the rookie bonus program our income from Advocare was right about $49k in 2009. Fast forward to 2013, we've earned two incentive trips, one that took our kids to Atlantis, and just recently another where we got to spend our anniversary together on an all expense paid Venetian Voyage beginning in Greece and ending in Venice. That original hope of a couple hundred dollars a month has grown to be a six figure income this year and I am now a stay at home dad being on the frontline coaching my 3 boys and will be there for every important moment with my new baby daughter. The best part is that we are helping so many other people get healthy, reach performance goals, and/or make the income they need. If you are looking to make changes in your health, reach new levels of performance or want the life changing money Advocare can provide please call me. We can help! (619)490-9930

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