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Jeffrey Koha
I got started in Advocare in November 2008. Prior to Advocare, I exercised frequently, but had plateaus in the gains I was seeing. I also drank three to four cans of pop or 20 ounces a day, not the most healthy choice, to say the least! While on a work trip to Lancaster, OH, I was introduced to Advocare and the possibilities that existed.

I signed up as an Advisor and began a 24 Challenge as soon as I got home and convinced my immediate family to do the same. The 24 Day Challenge is the 10 day Cleanse program followed by 14 days of the MNS Nutrition System. I cut 8 pounds of extra weight and went from 165 to 157, and I'm not a big person!

Subsequently, the Advocare experience has me exercising more consistently because as corny as it sounds, I look forward everyday to taking my products, the Post Workout Recovery shakes are delicious! In addition, I also take the Meal Replacement Shakes in the morning, which has helped me stop being hungry in the middle of the morning and hitting the candy dish.

My life has changed dramatically and the financial benefits are beginning to follow! If you are ready to make a change in your life, both in terms of health and fitness and toward financial freedom, it's time to get involved with Advocare. I can't wait to help you begin living the life you've only previously thought about.

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