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Aaron & Merri DeWinter
We are the proud parents of five and we have been with AdvoCare since 2009 after realizing we needed to make some changes! We began by trying AdvoCare products - we needed energy & better health. We quickly feel in love with Spark and the energy it provided and Aaron lost 30 lbs and 6 inches in 60 days. Since the products work, we found out sharing our excitement with friends was the easy part! After we learned more about The AdvoCare Opportunity and intentionally shared the products, it initially allowed us to earn an extra $1000 per month, which increased over time. The AdvoCare opportunity has allowed us to retire Merri from working outside the home. Today, we enjoy being full time parents to our three youngest, working part time from home earning a six figure income - a far larger income than our full time jobs were paying us to be away from our family and stay struggling. We love the fact that we get to help others with these incredible products and the opportunity.
Whether you are interested in the products or both the products & opportunity - Know we are committed to help you with whatever part of AdvoCare you are interested in. We believe these are the best products available and the best opportunity for true change. We would love to help you. We are making a difference with something that makes a difference - With a team of people that make a difference - At a time that makes a difference.

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