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To Alisha & Jamie Dewees's


Alisha & Jamie Dewees
IT STARTED WITH THE PRODUCTS: When we first found AdvoCare, it was the products we were initially interested in. I needed energy after baby #2- she was over 1 year old and I was still in a funk! It seemed that everything I had previously tried hadn't made much of a difference. After drinking Spark consistently for two weeks, it not only caught my attention but my husband even noticed the energetic and HAPPIER new Mama. We both decided to give other products a try- so we started the 24 Day Challenge. In two months of being on products I lost 2 PANTS SIZES going from a size 6 to a stronger size 2 and my husband LOST 20 POUNDS and had a new physique. More importantly- we felt so good it was life changing! Now that baby #3 is here, we are seeing what a difference a healthy lifestyle really makes. AdvoCare truly gives us the energy to keep up with 3 young children- what a lifesaver! THE INCOME OPPORTUNITY FOUND US: We chose to become distributors in the very beginning to get the wholesale discount on products; but when our friends and family wanted the products for themselves, it made sense for us to get more intentional. We decided to get to the top discount level so we could not only save 40% off our products but also tap into the 5 streams of income. At this time, I was working as a part time hairdresser while my husband was (and currently is) in full time Christian Ministry. Ministry is our passion, but we needed more income; and even though we weren’t looking for a business opportunity, we believed AdvoCare came into our lives for a purpose more than just the amazing products. We began earning income right away, and that allowed me to leave my part time job and work AdvoCare from home! It has continued to pay us consistently these past 4 years, giving us a financial cushion and extra money to pay for things like vacations and our kids' extra curricular activities. Most importantly, it has given us HOPE for a better future for ourselves, our children, and our team! Our goal is that we are able to always be in full time Ministry with AdvoCare funding that dream. There is so much we want to do to make the world a better place, things we could never have had the money to do on a Ministers salary. We love everything AdvoCare stands for and being a part of such a positive company that's all about changing lives! AdvoCare has provided us the opportunity to wake up every day knowing we can make a difference in people’s lives in two ways: OUR PRODUCTS: They get people results with energy, weight-loss, sports performance and overall wellness – what do you expect when you’re using what the pro’s use? OUR INCOME OPPORTUNITY: We are currently building our team and are looking for others we can share this blessing with! AdvoCare could be the answer to your financial struggles- whether that be a part time income for casually sharing with family and friends; a full time income sharing AdvoCare intentionally on a part time basis; or an opportunity for you to be stay at home parents, help pay for college or save for retirement. AdvoCare provides an opportunity to have life completely on your terms at any stage of life! Whatever you need, we look forward to helping you! To your health and your future, Jamie and Alisha Dewees PLEASE FEEL FREE to call or text us. Jamie: 541-760-4426 Alisha: 541-760-5494

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Interested in hearing more?