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Tim & Melissa George
We enjoy helping others FEEL BETTER, have MORE ENERGY, LOSE WEIGHT, GAIN MUSCLE, improve SPORTS PERFORMANCE & help some earn an incredible Plan B income!

AdvoCare is not a weight loss company, but plugging proper nutrition and the safest, most effective Nutritional Supplements available into MY body has resulted in an awesome journey. I have lost over 95 pounds so far and I've GAINED incredible ENERGY, HEALTH and QUALITY OF LIFE for myself and our family. I have pretty much stayed the same weight, only losing 8 pounds since October of 2010 AND have gone down in pants sizes... THIS is a HUGE accomplishment for me because I had been a YOYO dieter for so many years where that I had given up hope on ever getting my weight off and keeping it off. If you struggle with the YO-YO dieting... I CAN help you! AdvoCare is NOT A DIET FAD... we teach you the basics of NUTRITION! PLUS, there is NO CHARGE for coaching you through the process! I know if I can do it... YOU CAN TOO!!!!

My husband & I are passionate about teaching others how to GET HEALTHY and FUEL THEIR BODY for OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE! I still have a journey ahead of me to get to my goal, and I KNOW that I can and will make it and will never go back to the unhealthy way of life I was living and in the process I'm a living example for our children! AdvoCare gives us the opportunity to help others get healthy, and for some offers a wonderful Plan B income.

In November 2009, Tim lost his job of almost 6 years and as of January 2010 still had not found a full-time job. As we continued to pray that God would provide for the needs of our family we began to see the business side of AdvoCare as an opportunity to earn extra income when my weight loss prompted so many people to ask what I was doing to lose the weight. In February of 2010, after a lot a prayer, and research on the AdvoCare compensation plan, we decided to step out in faith, become AdvoCare Advisors and began to share the products and business with others. God has truly blessed our efforts over the last couple of years and as we help others reach their health & financial goals we are reaching ours as well.

The business opportunity is not for everyone... but the products ARE!

There are 4 ways to get involved with AdvoCare...

1. Retail Customer
2. Discount Product Users (like a wholesale membership at Sam's Club)
3. Distributor (or Referral Customer) at 20-40% discount
4. Advisor at 40% discount (Business Builder)

*** No required minimums or auto-ships to keep your discount ***

We are thrilled that you have stopped by our website and hope that you will contact us to learn more.


Let us help YOU... Start with a SPARK!!!

Tim & Melissa George
Melissa - 205.305.9295
Email -

"Passion and Perseverance with PURPOSE"

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