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Kelly Haberman
Our Story?

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Our family spend hours traveling across the Northwest to Dog Agility Trials so our son can compete. Not only was I always tired during the trial, I guess from the drive to wherever we were headed, but extrememly tired when we arrived home, usually taking two days to recouperate.

To make a long story short, I discovered that a friend of mine was drinking a product that sounded perfect for our circumstances. So, I purchased some and started drinking it immediately. The product was called "Spark" by Advocare. I didn't know anything about a company called Advocare and definately had never heard about "Spark".

My son and I drank "Spark" during the two and a half weeks we were away from home, June 2009, while attending Dog Agility Trials. I drank it regularly, my son was a little tougher to get on a schedule.

After arriving home, I decided that I was impressed enough with the added energy that "Spark" gave me and it decreased my craving for pop, that maybe their other products would work, here we go. I placed my first order of "Trim" products on July 16th, 2009. I'm "pre" diabetic and take a prescription for it. I've had elevated liver enzymes in the past and I am near the stage of needing "new" knees, at my age! Because of my health/weight issues, the confidence I've gained in the Advocare Company, I have a new outlook on life and looking forward to entering the Agility ring myself as a much lighter, healthier me.

I invite you to look around this site and if you have any questions, there is an email link above to write me.

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