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Casey Tubbs & Staci Upham-Tubbs
Our AdvoCare Story

AdvoCare became a part of our lives in Oct 2009 when we sat across the table from Kirk & Teresa Reh and they shared the vision & integrity of this company. Kirk & Terea were making a full time income on a part time basis and they had what we wanted - HEALTH, TIME & FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

Casey & I needed energy as well as money! We were looking to exchange out the vitamins we were already taking as we were not seeing any benefits from. We knew our food was lacking in nutrition and our children's health was proof of that. We were overweight even though we tried to eat right! After one Spark in our bodies we knew there was something different about AdvoCare.

The 90 days I lost 5 pant sizes and Casey went from a 36 to a 32! I have gone from a 16/18 to a 4/6 and feel better than I did in high school. Casey has gone down to a 30 and can now keep up with his hectic full time job protecting our city streets. Our children have done a complete 360 in their health and wellness.

When we talk I can't wait to tell you an amazing story about our oldest son and how Advocare gave him quality of life.

What we Did:

After being sampled Spark we immediately went to the top discount level(40%)for two reasons: the best discount on products and to begin building a business.

Where we are:

We currently average a residual income of $3,000 per month from the AdvoCare opportunity. Along this journey we are able to provide hope to many others and help them reach their goals using the Advocare opportunity. We have built many strong friendships through this company and it will be a part of our lives forever!

Where we are Going:

We will be financially debt free in 2 years. We will have 100% TIME & FINIANCIAL FREEDOM!

We are looking to help others who want to begin designing a life of financial freedom and the opportunity to change others lives!

We encourage you to try AdvoCare, we are here to help you with any of your product or financial goals.

Casey Tubbs & Staci Upham-Tubbs
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