Brian Lebo
Broadview Heights, OH
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Brian Lebo
Before AdvoCare, I worked for a major pharmaceutical company as Associate Director of Regional Training, but lost my job due to a downsizing. At that point, as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), I decided to build my strength training and fitness business.
When introduced to AdvoCare, and based on my background, I was impressed by the science and research behind the products. I noticed that AdvoCare offered many products that my family, friends, and customers used. I believed AdvoCare would be a complement to my business and what I do every day.
After doing my own research and talking with other people who were involved with AdvoCare, I decided to become an advisor and immediately started sharing the products.
I definitely see AdvoCare as another way to help my family, friends, and customers reach their strength, fitness, health, and wellness goals.

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