Lisa & David Sentner
Pittsburgh, PA
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Lisa & David Sentner
Welcome to AdvoCare® in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

When AdvoCare found us 4 years ago, I was working full-time, and Dave was teaching High School all day, including the evenings and weekends taking on extra jobs because of the financial burdens and hardships we landed ourselves into. Living paycheck to paycheck was an understatement, as we were drowning in debt. We had little family time for our 2 beautiful daughters who deserved more than we could provide. Desperately needing dramatic changes nutritionally and financially, we found AdvoCare as our solution. In 24 days, together Dave & I dropped a combined 50lbs. We began a new life as a family setting a positive example as role-models for our children while significantly improving our income shortfalls. For the first time we had hope and confidence for the future. This was the pivotal moment we realized the potential we had to pay-it-forward to our family, as well as many other friends and people we connected with daily.

Our outlook on life immediately improved and continues as we share our honest, positive experiences with those who are looking for a solution for their health and additional income. With new goals in life, a defined plan in place & an incredible support system, we got out of the trap of bankruptcy. Our children now have the attentive, full-time mom they are meant to have. Dave eliminated the after-school and weekend jobs, as we fill that void with the family time and the activities we dreamed of. Today, we share clarity and hope for a better future for everyone who is ready for a change and searching for something better in life. It is truly wonderful to express how significant our journey has been with many others who have decided to positively impact their lives, to live a plan for "life on their terms" and help others realize true freedom.

We live in Pittsburgh, the City of Champions, while helping everyone Be A Champion all over the country! Share what it is you want to accomplish so we can support you to reach your goals, too. We believe you ARE a Champion.

What makes AdvoCare so very significant is the friendships, help and support you gain through reaching your goals. Once someone has made the decision to change, then we go to work to help make that happen for them. We look forward to sharing the vision of what this can do for you!

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