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Wayland Ma
I started taking Advocare supplements to improve the quality of my life. I've been working out for years and am relatively active. The results I've witnessed since beginning my Advocare regimen have been astounding.

I have dropped about 10% body fat, added lean muscle, and that six-pack I've dreamed about is finally starting to peek out from behind my "stomach insulation." The MNS Max 3 vitamin pack is helping me power through my days with more energy and better concentration. Plus, my skin is a lot healthier than it's been in years.

Perhaps most exciting to me is the energy that I've discovered. I'm up and active from 4am to 10pm on a consistent basis. My to-do list is finished by the end of the day!

My go-to Advocare product is Sparginine (a mixture of Spark and Arginine Extreme). Taking this combo before my workouts has enabled me to lift heavier and go to a higher rep count than ever before.

Please contact me directly for any questions or comments.

(480) 463-4293

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