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Brannon & Becca Muska
Although we both earned college degrees and hold corporate and professional jobs, we were still living pay check to pay check, accumulating debt, and spending most of our days away from each other. At the time, this type of lifestyle seemed normal since we were both raised in blue collar families, but we both agreed that we wanted more freedom of time and choices.

On February 2010, we found our answer. Good friends of ours that had seen our struggle introduced us to the many opportunities Advocare has to offer. 1) The products work whether your goal is weight loss, sports performance, overall wellness, or more energy. 2) Advocare provides a successful business plan that will not only get you out of debt but will turn your Plan B income into Plan A income working only part time. 3) The people you will meet through Advocare make it their priority to help others reach their goals.

Brannon, a former multi-sport athlete and Navy Search and Rescue swimmer, had unsuccessfully tried many other nutritional products to increase his sports performance and have more energy. Now he currently shares his love and passion of fitness. After Brannon introduced Advocare’s 24 Day Challenge at the gym, the members who participated achieved amazing results! Brannon personally lost 30 pounds on the challenge and has gained 6% lean body mass. But AdvoCare doesn’t just stop at weight loss; it also gives an opportunity of sports performance. AdvoCare has now aided in building our clients to perform on a competition level. The competition team does not step out into the field without an AdvoCare product in their body.

Advocare is not only accompanied with life-changing products but also with life-changing opportunities. Only 4 months after joining, we had earned over $8,000 of income and the incentive trip to Hawaii. We started paying off our debts and began to plan for our dream wedding. Because of AdvoCare, we were able to get married barefoot on the beach in Hawaii (something I would have never dreamed of happening in my life just one year earlier). The bottom line is that AdvoCare not only allowed us to freely dream again, but our dreams started to become our reality. The best part about our journey is bringing people along with us.

We are advocates in changing people’s lives for the better. Through AdvoCare we have seen strong leaders, strong families, professionals and athletes as endorsers, and top doctors who lead our research and development team to deliver the best products on the market today. We look forward to helping you build a new legacy for yourself and family.

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