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Aaron and Allyson Foster
Are you interested in gaining more energy, losing weight, improving your overall wellness, sports performance or achieving financial freedom? AdvoCare has something to offer.

Our AdvoCare journey began with Aaron taking the Performance Elite line of products. The results are obvious. He weighs more than he has ever weighed and is as trim as he has ever been all because of the lean muscle he developed.

On the other hand, Allyson refused to take the products for many months (there’s always a skeptic in the family!). For two years she had chalked up those extra 10 pounds to “getting older”. They just wouldn’t come off even with a good diet and plenty of exercise. Reluctantly she started the 24 Day Challenge. She lost 5 pounds in the first 10 days and reached her goal by the end of the month. Turns out the products do exactly what they say they will do!

The bottom line is that the products work. They are safe. They are the best world-class supplements you can find in the industry. AdvoCare said we would look better, feel better and perform better…and we do!

Once we had experienced how amazing AdvoCare’s products are, we knew we were onto something. For awhile we had been looking at the direction of our life: Job. Maybe a small raise. Increased cost of living. Increased cost of raising our kids as they got older. The reality was that we were going to be further behind in life in a few years than where we were at the moment. This was not fitting the vision we had for our family. If we didn’t do something different, nothing was going to change.

Today, AdvoCare allows us to construct our own future and gives our family the opportunity to have life-shaping experiences. The best part is we get to work with amazing people to help them build their futures as well. For us, that is a reward that cannot be measured in dollar signs. It’s just pure joy, and we love it!

It’s a question worth asking , “If I stay on my current path, how will my future be different than today?” Maybe this is just about the path of your health. Maybe it’s about your finances and time. Whatever it is, AdvoCare offers a solution, and we are here to serve you. We would be honored to partner with you on your journey.

Live well,
Aaron and Allyson Foster

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