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I am a South Florida Firefighter and I've been a firefighter for over 16 years. In 2007 I was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor. With the right doctors and the power of prayer my tumor is practically disappeared. As a result of the tumor I started to gain an enormous amount of weight and I knew I had to do something about this.
As a firefighter heart attacks and not burns or smoke have long been known to be the most frequent cause of firefighter deaths on the job. I remember responding to calls and being tired from just putting on my personal protection gear. Many times I felt like I was the one that was going to need rescued I was 300 lbs and finally had enough. I started eating right and followed a similar road map that Advocare had in place. I met my plateau and tried the 24 day challenge I went from 300lbs to 240 lbs and the 24 day challenge helped me lose 25 lbs in 15 days. I started the second part of my challenge with completion of my 2nd 10 day cleanse and continued taking my meal replacement shakes in conjunction with ThermaPlus, Spark, Carb Ease and my Catalyst. I am now 169lbs and I feel GREAT!II just added Muscle Gain, 02Gold and Argine Extreme to my nutrition and fitness regimen.

I went from a 46 inch waist to 33 inch waist and lost of total of 131 lbs. After 10 months of starting my Advocare products I now feel energized and excited about the life style Advocare has provided for me. I lost of total of 70 lbs on Advocare nutrition in conjunction with my Crossfit Training. It's not a miracle pill but it did put me on a path to eating right and taking the right supplements for weight loss and weight control.

As a distributor I purchase my supplements at a discounted price plus I now make that extra income by having other people like myself join as a distributor. Everyone is taking supplements why not take supplements that help you gain that extra income. The products speak for themselves look at me I am a walking billboard.

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