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Cameron Cleeland
After retiring from the NFL from a 9 year career and becoming a father of 3. I found myself slipping into the inevitable middle aged, out of shape dad, just letting everything go lifestyle. I had reached the heaviest I had ever been at 308 lbs, my energy was down and I was constantly fighting the mid day naps. 5 cups of coffee a day, cookies and ice cream every night and no exercise, meant I was leading my health down the wrong path. This past year, April 2012, I committed to doing my first challenge and lost 18 lbs and 10 inches, staying on product and 6 months later did a second challenge and lost 10 lbs and 8 inches. I am currently down 32 lbs to date in 1 year and have never felt better in my life.
Not only is my health back on the right track, but AdvoCare has provided me with the ability to bring extra income to my family. By sharing AdvoCare products with family, friends and people that are looking to change the way they look and feel, I have found a great way to make a plan B income.
AdvoCare has been a blessing to me and my family and I look forward to the future helping others develop a new way of living healthier and happier lives. If you think you can't change for the better, ask yourself these simple questions that really changed my life.
1. What's Your Time Worth?
2. What's Your Health Worth?
3. What Are You Worth?

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