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Cheryl & Barry Cook
I was an exhausted, overweight teacher & coach. Daily activities I immensely enjoyed became a struggle and as I continued to gain weight my energy level plummeted. I had given up hope.

My son, a paramedic and firefighter, was introduced to Advocare products. He was impressed with how great he felt using products and insisted that I try as well. Reluctantly, I tried Spark and immediately felt the difference in my energy level.

My family took the 24 Day Challenge and had amazing results. In 24 days Chad lost 20 pounds, Barry lost 25 pounds, and I lost 47 pounds. We felt great and loved the healthy solution that was allowing us to return to an energetic lifestyle. With continued product use, Chad lost a total of 65 pounds, Barry lost a total of 67 pounds and I lost 106. Everybody wanted what we had.

With Advocare, hope is not limited just to weight loss or physical condition. The income opportunity has helped us through a difficult financial time. Due to the economy, my husband and I faced cutbacks as teachers. Advocare has more than filled the gaps of these cutbacks and given us financial freedom. With the implementation of Advocare’s Debt Buster system and earning a Rookie Bonus ($4,000), we have eliminated all credit card debt and are on solid financial ground once again. We also earned an incentive trip to Paris, France – Thank you Advocare!

Our income story started by simply sharing products with our friends and family. We would love to have you join our team. Please let us know how we can help you achieve your dreams too.

Cheryl & Barry Cook

(706)490-0696 Cheryl
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