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Before Advocare we were parents tired from chasing our 2 kids from ballpark to cheer events and back to the get the picture. Our lives were forever changed on July 10, 2010 when we finally tried the SPARK energy drink!! Because of the way we felt from our first Spark, the creditability of the company, informed choice and the Scientific and medical advisory board that develops our products we went straight to the 40% discount.....solely for the discount!!

On 9/28/2011 was a total game changer for us. It was on that day that our children were actually shocked that we all were home having family dinner. It was then we realized that we didn't have financial debt we had time debt. In the past we naturally shared the products with a honest passion and this lead us to earn over a $1000 a month. After realizing what little effort that took and how it helped us, we knew that there were so many other families that we needed to share this opportunity with.

We are now at the 9 star emerald level in Advocare. Last year we earned a 5 star vacation at the Arizona Biltmore and several cash awards. But creating another stream of income was really life changing for our family. Because of the success of our Advocare team it has allowed me the choice to whether I need to work or not. I chose to semi retire from my Hair Salon. I now work 2 days a week and only 4 hours a day!!! I can now put my kids on and take them off the bus! And I never have to miss another school function again!! All of this is possible by helping people achieve there goals. Gabe and I love mentoring people thru there Advocare journey. We can help you with your health and finances... we are passionate about creating a plan B source of income for families and helping them with the health goals.

It all starts with a decision. If you want more for your lives, and your children, we are here for you. Join us and we can lock arms and do this together!

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Gabriel & Jeanne' Oubre

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