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Mark and Jessika Johnston
We were introduced to AdvoCare at a very crucial point in our lives by an immediate relative in Texas...whom is now our sponsor!

My husband had a great job for 14 years, and in this horrible economy, he unexpectedly lost it. Although I work full-time for IBM and teach accounting online PT, we needed to find a way to make up the lost income. We considered numerous possibilities, but chose AdvoCare. After using the products we felt incredible and had more energy than we had in years! We knew if the products had this effect on us, it would have the same on others.

We both did the 24 day challenge. Mark has lost 2 inches in his waist and has gone from an XL shirt to a size M. Jessika has lost 2 dress sizes! Her biggest obstacle was forcing an unruly digestive system to get on track. This has now been accomplished with the help of AdvoCare Digest-Ease and ProBiotic Restore Ultra!

Jessika's mother has been through neck, a double knee replacement, and a back fusion surgery all within the last handful of years. This has resulted in her taking buckets of medications and vitamins. She has been on the 24 day challenge, biotools, and joint promotion. Not only has she been seeing weight loss results, but she has been able to kick the med buckets and reply on AdvoCare products! She is feeling wonderful and healthier than she has in a long time.

One of our son's has IBS and ADHD, causing him to be dependent on several prescription medications. He has now been able to stop taking them and reply only on AdvoCare Digest-Ease and Spark.

Two of our closest friends (both college students) have come to love Spark because of the mental focus it provides!

These are only a few of our personal experiences and stories -
Our goal is to share our newly discovered products and share this fantastic opportunity with as many friends, family, and others as we can! Are you up for the 24 day challenge? We can help!

Mark and Jessika Johnston
770-251-1014 home
678-462-6514 cell

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