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Ken & Amy Steiger
Our Advocare journey began in 2010 with a spark that quickly turned into a fire! We were looking for something to give us more energy and feel better. Ken was working as a construction manager and had developed poor eating habits while he "lived" out of his truck. He was drinking close to a dozen sodas/day and was exhausted all the time. I was eating well and exercising but was still struggling with my energy, a lack of muscle tone, and couldn't sleep.
When we did the 24 day challenge, we were blown away! Ken lost 18 lbs and 11 inches. I started sleeping better, and we both experienced amazing energy! In our first 90 days on products, Ken lost 30 lbs and I experienced major changes both in how my body looked and felt. I have more muscle tone and am leaner than ever before. Advocare is helping us to live a healthier lifestyle and be the best we can be!
By sharing what Advocare has done for us and helping other people reach their goals, we have been able to pay off debt and Ken has been able to leave his construction job. We would love to help you too! Contact us on this website or at

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