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Nancy Klaus
As a practicing dental hygienist (36 years), I evaluate and assess medical information and data every day. I am thoroughly impressed with Advocare products because the science behind them is “evidenced-based” and verifiable. Advocare products are supported by a scientific medical advisory board that is unsurpassed in the nutritional/wellness industry. Additionally, our products have a third party certification of quality and purity (banned substance-free) through Informed Choice. For these reasons, I am excited and confident to share Advocare products and the benefits they offer to my family and friends.

I was introduced to Advocare by two of my patients (Tod and Betty Phillips). My family has medical concerns relative to Type 2 Diabetes. Weight management is critical to our long-term health. After numerous “medically supervised” weight loss and exercise plans, we were not seeing positive results. Tod invited us to a mixer and we were introduced to the 24 Day Challenge. The results are very exciting! Pounds and inches are being lost at a reasonable and sustainable rate! We have never had this level of success before and the other tremendous benefit is that we feel GREAT !

Needless to say, I am excited about being part of the Advocare family. I know the products are safe and effective because they are working within my own household. In addition to having a product line that will change your life personally, Advocare can also change your life financially as well. There is a fantastic business opportunity with Advocare for anyone interested in a Plan B Income. Please feel free to explore my website. Thanks for stopping by !

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