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Jada Scott
AdvoCare found me at a time when I was an exhausted business owner that was buried in debt and functioning through life.

I initially started to lose 10 pounds which I did on the 24 day challenge, gained so much energy, and lost a dress size. My first 90 days on products, I lost a total of 19 pounds. For this busy single mom over 40 that didn't have time to work out, that in itself was life-changing!

When I got started, I decided to take advantage of the distributorship for $79 to save money. However when everyone saw my results, I found it easy to help others and started earning extra income. Within a few months I was earning $1000 per month and my first full year I earned $17,000 on a part time basis. My income has since helped me become debt free because of the AdvoCare Debt-buster system and now I am saving money for college tuition next year.

If you are looking at AdvoCare for a Plan B income maybe because you are not happy doing what you’re doing, are not making what you are worth, or are not fulling your life's purpose. AdvoCare may be your solution.

If you don't like what you see, are not happy with how you feel, are not at a comfortable weight. AdvoCare may be your solution.

If you have lost your hope, I would be happy to show you how AdvoCare can change the course of your future!

In health and prosperity,
Jada Scott

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