Jada Scott
La Porte, TX
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Jada Scott
Hello and thanks so much for coming by my AdvoCare site. My name is Jada Scott and I am one of many proud Advisors/Independent Distributors in the wonderful AdvoCare family.

I started my journey with AdvoCare with the desire to drop 10 pounds and I did that in my first 24 days on AdvoCare products. Since I started this journey, I have lost 24 pounds, almost 3 sizes and gained so much energy.
Being a member of the 40 plus club, it is amazing to be at my high school weight again especially after gaining more than 60 pounds during pregnancy!

If you are looking for EXTRA-ordinary health or a healthier bank account I would like to help you! If you need more energy, weight management, better sports performance, family health/wellness, AdvoCare has the products you are looking for! Because of the Science behind our products, AdvoCare products work for hundreds of non-paid product endorsers and will work for you too.

You can purchase products at retail by creating your free customer account or become a wholesale customer/distributor for $79.00 and receive an immediate 20% discount and $50 of free products which also puts you in business, if you chose to be.

Would EXTRA income help your family? Do you need a PLAN?

If you have a desire to build a Plan B income, pay off debt, or design a whole new financial future for you and your family, I would be happy to talk with you about the 5 ways that AdvoCare pays. AdvoCare is a community of hope, change and leadership. It is a company of excellence, with exemplary guiding principles, a lucrative compensation plan, world-class products, and people of integrity.

If you are interested in tapping into the Wellness Revolution contact me on how to get started.

Cell: 281-381-8188
Email: jada.scott@yahoo.com

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