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Cindy DiNizo
AdvoCare came into our lives in September 2010 when I met Samantha Miller an Advocare advisor. Her vivacious personality and her knowledge and love for making me a healthier version of me. I wanted to know her secrets. I was very much intrigued. Within a few days of using SPARK, I no longer craved coffee everyday. That was life-changing. By this time, My Husband, Anthony and I became interested in trying Metabolic Nutrition System, and he lost 12 pounds in less than six weeks. I lost 8 pounds by adding MNS to my product regimen. These are the world's finest nutritional supplements and we have never felt better, looked better or performed better. They work all the time for everybody.
We liked the products so much that we decided to become Advisors.
I really believe in this product, I hope you give it a try.


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