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To April Moore's


April Moore
Welcome to my Advocare website. There are so many reasons that people come to AdvoCare. I feel that we find our way here through some pretty common goals according to our lifestyle and everyday challenges. My story may not be exactly like yours, but a simple principle that I will share with you later can apply to anyone reading it. AdvoCare first peaked my interest when my daughter (at the age of 6) was severely ill with digestive discomfort. There were times that she had difficulty eating and got little sleep at night from her discomforts. Common medications did not fully aid. With AdvoCare we saw improvements and as her body healed, her problems were less severe and eventually she was fine. I tried going to get other health products with similar ingredients and regretted it quickly. The herbs were not of superior quality. As a mother I felt bad because I saw immediately how my daughter slipped backward in her progress. The principle is this. Many of us see ailments or ways that our body does not perform at its best. We often will take medications for all sorts of things that don't get to the root of the problem. The bottom line for most of us is that we don't have the nutrients and enzymes that our body needs to do simple tasks. Add high fat, salt and sugary foods to that equation and our foods are dead and empty. Do you wonder how these diseases became more frequent in today's society? It is the lack of good foods along with exercise. Given the different challenges and goals that we all have, the common goal is to look and feel better. AdvoCare is carefully, skillfully and scientifically formulated to enhance those areas of your life. It is also formulated with superior products than what you can piece together in most health food stores. So no matter your needs, you can have a better quality of life no matter your age. I am anxious to hear your story of what lead you to AdvoCare. It¿s never too late to begin your story, you can start today. Please don't hesitate to call I am with AdvoCare because I want to help others the way I have been helped. Also ask me how you can get a discount on your products or about what products may be good choices for you.

Interested in hearing more?

Interested in hearing more?