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Katie & Adam Corey
We have been thrilled with the amazing opportunity Advocare has presented to us. We are parents that want nothing but the best for our family. We have consistently worked to achieve our personal and financial goals using the vehicle of Advocare. Katie's background as a nurse has provided her with the ability to research the products and the company as a whole. She has been very impressed with the reputation of the Science and the Medical Advisory Board of Advocare. The products have physically impacted our lives, it's been an amazing journey. Katie has lost 20 lbs on the program and has finally found a nutrition system that has relieved her of arthritis pain on a consistent basis. Adam has been using the products for about 6 months. He has been working out with a focus on the performance line. He has reduced his body fat and added lean muscle mass more than ever before. The stories and spokespersons we have in Advocare speak for themselves. Our Mission is to impact the lives of the ones we love. We want to create a team that is passionate about helping others through the positive culture and products of Advocare.
Thanks for taking a few minutes to read our story. We can't wait to see what Advocare has to offer you!

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